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New Maker Application [23 Oct 2004|01:28pm]

ok juicy_graphics is looking for graphic makers!! If you would like to be a graphic maker, please fill this out:
You can comment with this Appilcation, or e-mail it to me here

1. Name/Age:
2. LJ user name in the community (so if you're choosen I can give you posting access):
3. Do you post your graphics in any other communities? If so, list them:
4. How long have you been making graphics?
5. What programs do you use to make your graphics?
6. What kinds of things can you make? (banners, headers, icons, etc):
7. How often will you be able to make/post graphics?
8. Now include 10 or a little more examples of your work:

I'll let you know if you're accepted by replying to your comment or e-mail. Thanks for applying!
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Welcome to Juicy_Graphics! [12 Oct 2004|01:55am]

Welcome to Juicy_Graphics! If you want to join go to the top of the user info page and click "Join Community" and you'll be added once I accept you! If you would like to post graphics, please comment on this entry saying so.

Commenting to join the community is not necessary, but if you'd like to, go ahead.
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