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Juicy Graphics

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juicy_graphics is a members only graphics community created October 2nd, 2004

These users post their graphics:

If you would like to post your graphics/work, please comment (or e-mail me here) saying so with some examples of your work and we'll most likely make you a graphic poster!

If you want to see our graphs there are certain rules you must follow, so make sure you read these carefully!

1. Please do not steal our work. We put our own time and effort into making our graphics and we don't want people claiming them as their own.
2. Please do not direct link unless you were given special permission.
3. If you want to join the community then click Join Here above and you will be submitted for membership, and if I approve it you will recieve an e-mail with the subject line "Your Request to Join juicy_graphics" Before you join though make sure that you ADD Juicy_Graphics to your friends list, otherwise you won't be able to see the posts because they are friends only. Then comment on the friends only entry saying you have done all these things.
4. You must comment and say EXACTLY what you're taking. You can't say "Oh I'm taking a bunch." You must say something like "I'm taking icons 1 and 2." We like to keep track of were the graphics go and who is using them.
5. No taking plain (bases) icons and customizing them yourself. If you want one customized comment and we will be glad to customize it for you.
6. Our graphics are to be used for Live Journal use only. If we find out you are using them at another journal site (blurty, deadjournal, greatest journal, etc.) You will be REMOVED.
7.Tagged graphics are to remain tagged (a tag is ©slash91, or ©juicy_graphics)

Also, please credit, I know that's in the rules above, but if we find people who aren't crediting, you'll have one warning left and you will be banned. We take this seriously here, so if you're just trying to join to claim our work as our own, don't bother.


Take one of the codes and link back to us, but please do not driect link!

More coming soon!